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The Jake Bike Motorized Bicycle       
PLEASE READ THIS! This is our namesake and our best selling motorized bicycle! simple. refined. this straight-forward model comes in 21 different color combos and 3 parts/engine packages including your choice of a black (+$40)  or silver engine! Engines available in 2 sizes...48cc and 80/66cc. options of : simple $750, standard $999, power $1099. Pricing packages below! Click on a "color box" below to see the different available choices! use dropdown menu to choose when ordering. Please specify "low" or "high" for exhaust type when ordering the "Power' in the paypal "note to seller" field.

flat black frame, red wheels army frame, black wheels flat black frame, army wheels flat black frame, green wheels flat black flat black frame, orange wheels flat black frame, tan wheels gloss black frame, white wheels black frame, yellow wheels blue frame, black wheels flat black frame, blue wheels flat black frame, white wheels flat grey frame, black wheels army tan frame, black wheels green frame, black wheels flat grey frame, green wheels flat grey frame, red wheels white frame, black wheels white frame, red wheels red frame, black wheels orange frame, black wheels
Click on a box to see bike color!
Engine/Parts Package
Color Scheme
Engine Color
Sprocket teeth count: 36-48
Special Request:

Option Packages

Baller - 
best choice
66cc silver-jet motor, CNC machined drive sprocket, front disc brake, expansion chamber exhaust. Example Here: gallery

Player recommended
66cc silver-jet motor, CNC machined drive sprocket, front disc brake.

Speedy Gonzales kits - Work with Baller and Player packages
SG kit includes a 6.0cc Hi-compression Head and Ported Cylinder for an additional $159.99.
SG-2 kit includes a 6.0cc Hi-compression Head, Ported Cylinder, Mikuni vm-18 carburetor & Billet intake for an additional $249.  
*SG kits not available on the Bones model. Must have front disc brake before power additions. Common sense.

Bones We strongly advise AGAINST a bike with no front brake for safety reasons
66cc silver-jet motor, CNC machined drive sprocket

*48cc engine also available, call for details
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