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General Motorized Bicycle Repair
Cylinder porting and polishing
Custom Exhaust Fabrication
Carburetor Jetting & Tuning
Custom High Performance Exhaust
Electrical repair
Clutch adjustment and pad replacement
Custom Disc Brake installation (front & rear)
Chain alignment and Sprocket adjustment
Heavy duty custom engine mounts

Basically, if you need it done, bring in your bike and we'll get 'er done!
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Where do I start?! I have a bike and I want it to go faster, but what do I do first?!

         A 2 stroke engine has a "triangle of power". 3 important components to create power, and they all have equal importance.
Carburetion, Combustion, and Expansion. the carb delivers the mixture, the combustion chamber well, combusts it(detonation is a bad thing) and the expansion chamber exhaust regulates and modulates the power. here are a few suggestions to start with, in this order:
Ground ZERO)
Front Disc Brake!  ...then>
expansion chamber exhaust. without it, you're just mess in around
the high compression head
Larger Carburetor- we like the mikuni carburetor. solid, dependable.

One thing to definitely squeeze in there is a flow ported cylinder. this opens up the ports and allows for greater performance. so--
Ported head

Now with these things, consider that you'll be needing a
new plug and air cleaner.

additional improvements which we have found to be fantastic are a
racing CDI to deliver a more powerful spark, and a heavy duty throttle, for dependable rider/engine interface.

good luck!!
Jakes Racing Engine. 5 hp 66cc PK-80.  "Wild", comes to mind. This racing engine is for the serious rider. Balanced Crank, Ported & Decked Cylinder, high compression diamond head, ported cylinder, notched piston, machined billet intake, Mikuni 18mm carb. grade 5 allen cap screws. $599    
 *this engine is too much for the average rider. Not for cruising.
Below you'll find a close up of  jake's  Crown Jewel. the Diamond head. Higher compression, greater cooling surface-area. Packs more punch than the other heads currently on the market. Using the design style of high performance japanese motocross bike combustion chambers, this head packs a wallop and keeps the engine cool with high quotient fin surface area. A terrific Upgrade. comes with 4 locking flange nuts. click on parts page to grab one while they last
High Flow Racing Cylinder     GAIN POWER AND MPH!                                                                 
Dramatically INCREASE the performance of your 66/80cc engine with a ported cylinder from Jake's Race Shop! These engines are designed for nominal speed, and come with retarded port timing. We degree-time the ports and correct the port dimensions for accurate port timing, gaining a significant power increase. Start with a "JakeJug" and a "JakePipe" on your quest for power and speed!
Cylinder head porting refers to the process of modifying the intake and exhaust ports of an internal combustion engine to improve the quality and quantity of the air flow. Cylinder heads, as manufactured, are usually suboptimal due to design and manufacturing constraints. Porting the heads provides the finely detailed attention required to bring the engine to the highest level of efficiency. More than any other single factor, the porting process is responsible for the high power output of modern engines.

      Now then, We see that stock engines can be a crapshoot. there are 2 engine types, Grube (GT-5), and the rest of them. The Grube has a different connecting rod and piston type, and ports are lower and have a different shape. Many new designs have flooded the mrket, each company slightly modifies their models as the years go by, it can be hard to tell. We have chosen a cylinder with very large ports, well designed for optimal combustion timing. The oldest question in the book is, "which Chinese 2 stroke is the fastest?" Unfortunately, there is no hard fast answer. Production quality and control has varied over the years leaving MB builders with a large pool of engines out there that all look the same, but can be entirely different, even from the same company.
       There have been many engine styles and variations over the years. The capability of interchangable parts coupled with a lack of quality control means one never knows if their new engine is going to be a Ripper or a Dawg. Fortunately, the cylinders have remained relatively similar, allowing us to make a universal modified cylinder make for our customers. If you feel like your engine just doesn't have the get up and go that you'd like, then a Jake's power port cylinder may just be for you!  
       Now you can have the guaranteed power you desire and deserve! but you really need a pipe to realize power. 

Simple installation instructions included. Base gasket required. ($4.99)
Additional suggestions to compliment this item: Cut-on Piston, High flow intake, Expansion chamber exhaust.Pease allow 2 weeks for delivery

Hi Flow Intake

High Flow Performance Exhaust pipe
+5 mph                               $129.99                     
 Allowing your stock engine to breathe 10x better, this 66cc
expansion chamber pipe adds torque and a few MPH.  It was the best stage 1 pipe, but has been discontinued from the manufacturer unfortunately. 

.2 stroke engines are designed to have one of these. They're the third point in the power triangle, and 30% of your power delivery!

 read more on expansion chambers on the info and maintenance page. See the "High Pipe" version HERE. We MUST have your bike to make the high pipe version. Read all about WHY here: All about Expansion Chamber Pipes. we are now suggesting you find and modify an old mini MX bike pipe and fit it onto your bike. We can fit our large pipes onto your bike, but we do need the bike here to do it. 

                                                                                                out of stock                                                                       
All bikes are not created equally. Fitting a pipe is different for each bike and engine. Because of this, we will need specific information about your frame and engine. Preferably we would rather you bring your bike to the shop for proper fitment (high pipe is a must bring-in, and adds $).

Try our port matched intake manifolds at shop.jakebike.com/aftermarket parts
Jake's Custom Exhaust. Expansion chambers are not a frill. they are the third part in the power triangle, generating power as the RPM's increase, causing a static turbo effect. Custom fit for your bicycle. Quantities have become scarce, driving the price way up, unfortunately.
Left and right views of the "low"pipe. the fit is critical. fitting the silencer between the tire and the chain requires precise measurement, and we prefer to have a shop visit for these pipes. If you order one for shipping, youre taking a risk on precise fit. please include as much information as possible. bike type, distance from port to BB, etc...

CNC Aluminum Sprocket Clamp                                                              $79.99

No more thrown chains! no more fumbling with tons of screws and threading spokes,
No more bent and warped wheels! these amazing aftermarket sprocket adapters clamp to the hub, not the spokes. Remember, the stock sprockets clamp to the spokes, putting all the torque on a few thin metal skewers; warped wheels and the inability to "true" a wheel are the unfortunate result.
These adapters are a must have, they come installed on every Jakebike for a reason!
This will greatly enhance the reliability of your motorized bicycle

Additional a la carte sprockets available for choosing higher speeds, or quicker takeoffs. If you ride in a congested city grid with lots of stops and short blocks, a 44 tooth (stock size) sprocket may be best. On the other hand, if you're in a rural area and have long stretches of road to travel, try a 40 tooth. if you are a lightweight person and have made some HP upgrades, get crazy with a 36 tooth for high speed, keeping in mind you will have to pedal a lot more to get going...it's all a balance. (Jake is 6'3", 210lbs, and prefers the 40t for his daily driver. )
 These Sprocket adapters are for use with Hi-stop and Shimano CB-110 Coaster brake hubs. ( Basically, if you pedal backwards to stop, this one's for you) They Will not work on multi-gear rear ends. 5 adapter clamp sizes to choose from. please measure your hub before ordering, and specify 36,40,44,48 tooth sprocket on paypal "note to sender" to purchase, click here

Monark II Springer Front End
Monark II Double Springer Fork - The type two fork  has considerable welding reinforcement, making it suitable for all motorized bikes and HD applications.  Fits beach cruisers without modification!!!!                  

Improvements are:  Reinforced Welding, Larger, triple chrome plated springs, which provide much smoother action. Examples:

 Forks, Forks, Forks! Classic vintage looks with modern performance!!

For use on all 1 inch threaded bicycle frames that will allow for a 7.25 or shorter steer tube length. Bottom rocker dropouts can be mounted externally to allow for modern day axles.
Free headset

Monark Fork Tech Specs:
Fork Tube Length: 7.5 “long, threaded 2” from the top
Wheel Size: For use with wheels up to 26”
Tire Size: Will accept up to 26 x 2.35

Fork Leg Length: 15” long from the bottom bearing race to the drop outs where the front wheel axle is.
(Basically, this will fit on all beach cruisers and older bikes that you would want to put these on)

make your motorized bicycle look like its forefather's, but with today's performance needs. Not for use on bikes with road-bike handlebar set up, (such as the 2 pictured above) without modification.   $159.99

 Heavy Duty Wheels! And Tires!

26" x 1.75" (wide!) double walled Alloy wheels,12 g  chrome spokes

A must for the hardcore rider. twice as strong and less likely to warp from the rigors of physics- add 5 Hp and a couple hundred pounds to a beach cruiser, and certain things are best reinforced or upgraded. These Wheels are a great way to add some security and durability to your ride! Add some STICK-UM to your ride with the ultimate bad ass tire- the MAXXIS 26X2.50 hookworm bmx crossover racing tire. A must have!

Many people have been wanting to duplicate our rear disc drive setup. this requires replacing the wheel's stock hub with a single speed sealed bearing hub, a narrow aluminum sprocket, a top-hat adapter, correct and acurate spacing, frame modification, a "jakebrake" caliper mount, lacing the new hub into the wheel, and alignment. This is not a 'bolt and go" endeavor. please call to inquire if you desire, but keep in mind its a $400 deal...

NON DISC front   $69.99                           



SINGLE SPEED REAR DISC FREEWHEEL $249  (limited availability)

FOR MORE INFO ON DISC BRAKES PLEASE VISIT OUR part mall, the "parts" tab at the top of the page. aka shop.jakebike.com

Rear Disc Brake setup. Shown "A-la-Carte" here.FULLY BUILT WHEEL Kit available on the webstore.
 Currently available for multigear bikes with WIDE dropout spacing.
a Few components are needed to accomplish this large project. High mechanical skill required. jakebrake mount fit for skyhawk, but works on some other cruisers. You may find similar setups out there for cheaper, but thats what they are. Cheaper. flimsy, and they don't work as well. Int this case, you do pay for what you get. American made aerospace quality machining from the company who makes parts for the mars rover and space station components. 

You'll need:
rear disc brake hub    ($100)
Sprocket       ($45)
 adapter    ($45)
brake caliper and rotor    ($90)
jakebrake caliper mount     ($49)
HD wheel         ($64)
wheel lacing       ($60)
single speed rear disc hub $100.0(front pictured)
sprocket & adapter. total price $95.you must order <41t + and 160mm. or >36t and 180mm
chainring bolts. 2 sets needed. $20 each
When mounting the disc, washers will be needed to use as spacers between rotor and adapter for caliper clearance
the jakebrake caliper mount  $59.9
heres the setup. much work with spacers and shims will be needed. this is a 160mm rotor with 40t sprocket.  said and done, $500 +/-
avid brake rotor/caliper setup $99
look closely at the limited clearance
Hub laced into wheel PRIOR to installation of sprocket setup (labor)$67
Jake's Custom Motorbikes does NOT accept returns, so purchase wisely. thank you!
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