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Custom Motorized Bikes We've Built

Summer Sale!
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Here are photos of some of the custom motorized bikes we've built. Contact us for more information on how we can build YOUR dream bike.
Thejakebike with new custom Aluminum gas tank. This bike went above and beyond the average grocery getter. Vic wanted a bike to go into the hills, hit some trails, and then roll out on the town to dinner in the city in style. sold

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 Jakes Skyhawk racer. The one that started it all.

Here are some offerings from Jakes. Use these as inspiration for your build. 

JCM8. Amazing downhill style MTB. 6 hp. fmf pipe. 1.5" downhill forks, dual avid BB7 brakes. 12G ss spokes, 40mm double wall alloy hoops, sing crank & pedals. in frame tank. pro taper bars, Fully built engine rollin on Hookworms. BEAST. 

Phat Skulls 66cc mid range racer. custom tank, dual disc brakes. race engine, Competition bars. HD throttle. mikuni carb high revver! this bike does 54mph with a 220 lb rider. Not bad, we think, for a beach cruiser 

2014 GT2 Skyhawk all aluminum, in-frame tank, HD wheels and tires. race engine with competition pipe, downhill forks. this bike is light and quick . 45 mph. final build cost $2853. sold

GO ARMY! this "Jakebike" Baller package has it all. race engine, mikuni, and Jakes Customs pro Racing Pipe. This bike is too fast. 
Good thing a Sheriff bought it.!$1500, $400 EXTRA FOR THIS RACING PIPE..sold

Centurion CX200 Original Prototype. Modified frame, Custom Tank,  Predator 212 engine, custom jack shaft w/ rear disc. Beefy springer w/200mm front disc. 26 X 3 wheel/tire. layback seat post, Custom Exhaust. 6 months to build. One of a kind original. choice of stock 6.5hp engine, $3200 or current race built 24hp.$4200 ---sold
serious inquiry only jake@jakebike.com

The Blackhawk
GT2-A in flat black. 9lb Aluminum frame. top tube is the fuel tank. 66cc GT-5 engine. Felt springer front forks, Dual Avid disc brakes, Jake's Jug, Ported intake, Expansion Chamber,
Drivetrain: Jake's own offset racing sprocket, with disc drive . 40t chainring, 22t freewheel. SINZ BMX Cranks & Pedals, KMC Platinum Z-Chains, and a whole lotta fun :)

The Boardwalk Empire "baller" package in Ratrod colors race engine & pipe(no longer available), front disc, all the fixins!
$1700 sold

Jake's Personal Skyhawk Racer
This bike aint for sale, but we do build them, as you can see in the blackhawk photo above
. Built 7hp Silver Eagle engine. 

The Bruiser. FFFFAAAAAASST. "holy cow", "aye carumba", "OMG", come to mind. this jakebike "Baller" package is a screamer. 
$1700 as pictured. NFS

BOARD TRACK Skyhawk. flat black, HD chains, Front drum, triple tree forks, custom hardware. sold

JakeBike baller.  high exhaust. (photo taken mid-build. Front brake not yet installed.) sold at  $1300

Jake's GX200cc Four stroke. The Big Mac. This bike was a project and a half. no need for pedals with a 21hp four stroke 

The Easter Basket! FULL SIZED beach cruiser, giant banana seat, 15" ape hangers. 26" wheels. 

Pacific Blue JakeBike bones model $750

built for an eye catching lady back east, this eye catching bike rides like a dream.
(Blue & White Jakebike baller model) sold at $1300

throwback 100 bobber
Race engine, Fat rear tire, springer fork. front disc. layback seatpost, pipe, xl tank...

Basic bike = JakeBike Baller,  front disc, mid level expansion chamber pipe. list $1100

Echo Loco
This bike ain't from nowhere. .

Great Pumpkin.
Jakebike Baller in Orange. Standard pipe. 40t sprocket adapter. Jake's Layback seatpost.$1300

Red Riding in da Hood
FASSSSSTT Skull X Bones Chassis, 66cc Silver Eagle engine, Jake's Jug, Ported intake, Jake's Expansion Chamber,
DH-39 double alloy wheels, 12g spokes, MAXXIS Hookworm Tires, Front Disc brake.

L.A. Proper ol skool
Jake Jug Ported Cylinder, DDR Racing Head, Jake pipe, Hi flow Air Filter

(O.G. )  E.T.'s Skyrider
Skull & Bones chassis, 66cc Silver Eagle, 40t rear sprocket & Adapter, Front Disc Brake, Layback Seatpost, Arrow Hi-pipe expansion chamber . $1500

New School E.T. Sky cruiser. Custom built for Heather, feb 2015

Hancock's Hermosa Rolla.
Diamond back cruiser, ape hangers, front disc brake.$900


Stars & Pipes.
Official Jakebike of the 2012 summer Olympic Games
...LoL (patriotic customer)$1200

the 1903 "Hardley"
An homage to the original Harley-Davidson. This in-frame gas tank, two-tone engine bike is an Eye Catcher!
we turn the faux tank into a real gas tank with EPA friendly sealant. The Heritage Classic; where it all began.
and of course- a drink holder. . .

    "True Blood". Skull x Bones chassis. black 66cc w/ high compression DDR head, Arrow torquer pipe, Monark II springer fork, front disc brake, cnc driven sprocket, flat bars.

" the original 2010 Racer"  
70cc Dave Rust racing engine, DDR High compression head, 18mm mikuni Carb, PJ moto "Cram-air' velocity stack, RM-80 / ktm-125 exhaust, Monark II springer front end, Avid BB-7 Front Disc brake, kipspringer layback post.    

the Great White.
Sarasota, Florida $999

66cc engine w/ high compression DDR racing head, low-boy expansion chamber, springer fork and disc, cnc aluminum rear sprocket.

the "kickstarter", 66cc silver-jet motor, Arrow torquer II hi pipe, Monark II springer, CNC machined drive sprocket, Arrow expansion chamber exhaust, front disc brake.

"silver surfer"           
66/80cc engine, expansion chamber, CNC aluminum sprocket adapter, Front Disc Brake. custom silver tank and grips.

Throwback Jack
Dave Rust Engine. DDR Head.  Reed Vavle, Suzuki expansion chamber, Mikuni Carburetor, Monark springer forks, Front Avid BB7 Disc Brake. sold

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