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Boardwalk Empire Motorized Bike
Our deluxe motorized bike is the Boardwalk Empire. It features the Skull X Bones "Downtown" frame, ape hanger bars, springer fork, silver Jet 66cc 2 stroke, CNC aluminum drive sprocket, front disc brake Kenda 2.35 tires. Expansion chamber exhaust available on all bikes.  Choice of 3 engine/parts packages.  2 color schemes:  Black/Red/White or Blackout (all black).


Engine Package
Engine Color

Option Packages
choose an engine/power package for your jakebike

Bones (basic, bare bones)  We strongly advise AGAINST a bike without a front brake for safety reasons. 66cc silver-jet motor, CNC machined drive sprocket
Basic Bike- Bare "Bones" package $750 

*48cc engine also available, call for details

Player package- recommended $999 
    Adds Front Disc

66cc silver-jet motor, CNC machined drive sprocket, front disc brake. stock exhaust

Baller package - best choice  $1099   
Front disc and Performance exhaust
66cc silver-jet motor, CNC machined drive sprocket, front disc brake, expansion chamber exhaust. Example Here: gallery

Speedy Gonzales kits - the next levels after Baller.  Each one is a little more bad ass...
SG kit includes a 6.0cc Hi-compression Head and Ported Cylinder for an additional $159.99.
Jakebike Baller W/ SG1 package  $1399 

SG-2 kit includes a 6.0cc Hi-compression Head, Ported Cylinder, Mikuni vm-18 carburetor & Billet intake for an additional $249.
Jakebike Baller W/ SG2 package $1499   

JakeBike Baller, W/ SG2 package & Racing pipe like (the black one pictured below $400.) does not include silencer $1799 

Jakebike Baller W/ SG2 pckage with racing pipe and KTM Silencer


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