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Skyhawk GT

Jake's Custom in-Frame-Tank Aluminum Bicycle Frame
                             frame only  $299.00
Built for an engine that was built for a bicycle, (confused yet?)  these frames have the gas tank built into the top tube! They are feather light and accept mountain bike components for strength and part availability. Build your own custom motorized bike with this amazing frame, or contract us to do it!  We can powdercoat in any color! Shown unpainted in anti-corrosion alodine gold coating. 
only $299.99

Note:  none of the pictured bikes are on the showroom floor. these are previous builds to be used as examples for your own creativity with your new bike. 

This aluminum GT2A-S (the S is for "straight downtube') may have the most confusing model number, and we can never say it right. But it's a solid performer! Only 11lbs and set up for triple brakes and two downtube designs to suit anyone's taste. The "S" model, has no engine mounting pedestal nub. It's designed for the wide front-mount "silver eagle" 2 stroke, and for 4 stroke engine's plate mount. We prefer the GT2A-S for the straight tube, and our "silver Eagle" engines simply plop right into the frames. Shown in bare aluminum with gold protective coat, this bike can be painted any color and built in any style. Cruiser, Chopper, Board tracker, or Cafe´racer, like Jake's as shown above. Jake's personal racer pictured above. (unpainted)

This Frame has a pedestal mount to accept the 66cc engine designed to mount directly to a 10 speed bicycle frame. Due to the larger "chest" (downtube) of the cruiser frame, GT2A Pedestal mount version was created for narrow-mount 2 stroke engines to easily sit. the GT2A has the stub, for narrow front-mount engines, namely the grube GT-5.  The stub frame (A) is for a 2-stroke engine only.  Only the S frame can also accept a 49cc 4-stroke engine.

only $299.99  

The BLACKHAWK (top right photo)                                                                                                      $3399.00
GT2-A in flat black. 66cc GT-5 engine. Felt springer front forks, Dual Avid disc brakes, Jake's Jug, Ported intake, Jake's Expansion Chamber,
Drivetrain: Kings offset racing sprocket, tophat drive with KW Machine/JCM pro parts brake caliper mounts. 40t chainring, 22t freewheel. SINZ BMX Cranks & Pedals, KMC Platinum Chains, and a whole lotta fun :) 
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