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*IMPORTANT NOTICE* - Jake is out of town filming until July. We will only be shipping parts between 4-25-16 / 6-30-16, no builds. Thank you!

"Best motorized bikes I've ever seen!"
– Jason Hilbert, Huntington Beach Bicycle Co.
Here's whats up...

From Daily Driver to Devil Dragster. Either way, we build the strongest, baddest, smoothest motorbikes around! ( but that's just our humility poking through ;)

Jake's Race Shop
Click here to make your bike FASTER! Shop for racing, aftermarket and performance parts!


Jake's D-I-Y kit. Our peppy lil' 66cc 2 stroke sits perfectly into our heavy duty smooth rollin complete bike. Build your own motorbike! 21 colors to choose from, click here to start!    (arrives in 2 boxes)

 WARNING! We will be on vacation for most of the build season. march 20th- june 1st, unless otherwise posted. Please be aware of this when ordering parts; they will not show up in a timely fashion. Expect delays as much as 2 weeks if you order during this period! Consider yourself educated. :)  

as well as the parts department web mall... 

ride safe!
Howdy Folks! We have the best engines! Our 66cc model boasts a 40mm-stroke crank rod instead of the normal, more popular 38mm length rod. (closer to 70cc with the added 2mm stroke-there is no "80cc" as the internets would have you believe... Chinese marketing is all) back to the engines- a 40mm wide front frame-mount-saddle (51mm bolt width) and a 40mm intake manifold bolt-width for larger intake manifolds and carbs. Everything is bigger and better!  And Remember- a 2 stroke isn't complete without an expansion chamber exhaust pipe. And a Race Engine isn't a Race Engine without a Race pipe.  . At Jake's, we can help you build an amazing ride and get it going faster! ...Or build one for you :)

Video by Christopher Jensen, asc.
music by: Helmet
  Motor Bicycle Racing in California will resume Aug. 6th, at willow springs motor speedway oval track in Lancaster,  Ca. HOT SUMMER NIGHT RACES!!
JCM is dedicated to supporting the emeging sport of MB racing, and we will always try to keep you informed. All are welcome, and the entry level "beginner" class  is open to all comers. Bring your bike, camper, bbq, (or not) and come join in on some good ol fashioned fun without traffic, cars, busses, stoplights, and all that other stuff. Just get on the track and enjoy some unobstructed riding with others like yourself. We have lots of beginners, and in fact the beginner class has the best prizes! winners receive bicycle frames, race engines, high compression heads, chain guard case savers, the list goes on- we dont skimp on prizes!!!! 

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