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"The Best Motorized Bikes I've ever seen!"
– Jason Hilbert, Huntington Beach Bicycle Co.
Here's whats up...

Let us build your Dream-Bike, or your Daily Driver. Either way, we build the strongest, sexiest, smoothest motorbikes around! ( but that's just our humility poking through ;)

Jake's Race Shop
Click here to make your bike FASTER! Shop for racing, aftermarket and performance parts!


Jake's BUILD-A-BIKE. Our peppy lil' 66cc 2 stroke sits perfectly into our heavy duty smooth rollin complete bike. make yer own motorbike! 21 colors to choose from, click here to start!    (arrives in 2 boxes)

Merry Christmas!! The Winter build season is upon us, so it's time to get that shop heater burnin' and get that bike build going. At Jake's, we can help you build an amazing ride!
 Check out the current builds on Facebook/thejakebike

Video by Christopher Jensen, asc.
music by: Helmet
 SoCal Motor Bicycle Racing in California will kick off the 2014 season in April, at the Grange Motor Speedway in Apple Valley, Ca.
JCM is dedicated to supporting the emeging sport of MB racing, and we will always keep you informed. All are welcome, and the entry level "beginner" class  is open to all comers. Bring your bike, camper, bbq, (or not) and come join in on some good ol fashioned fun without traffic, cars, busses, stoplights, and all that other stuff. Just get on the track and enjoy some unobstructed riding with others like yourself. We have lots of beginners, and in fact the beginner class has the best prizes! winners receive bicycle frames, race engines, high compression heads, chain guard case savers, the list goes on- we dont skimp on prizes!!!! 

Welcome to the world of high fuel economy!
With today's ridiculous fuel prices, 150mpg starts sounding pretty good. Talk about GAS SAVINGS !With a motorized bicycle you'll hardly see a gas station. We primarily use the 66cc engine in our bikes, and not only are we building economical transportation, we are doing it with style. We can put an engine on almost any bicycle. Choose one and we will get it and build it, or bring us your bike and we will motorize it with a bicycle engine kit.

  The Jake Bike
We use a strong, durable frame with high quality running gear available in 21 colors.  Simply choose your bike and color, 
(Click  HERE  to see the bikes) then pick one of these packages:

$750   The "Bones" package: Bike & Enigine
$999   The "Player" package : Bike, Engine, Front Disc Brake
$1100 The "Baller" package  : Bike, Engine, Front Disc Brake, Hi Performance Exhaust

 Click  HERE  to see the bikes. [We suggest "the playa" cause you will be going 3x faster than a regular cruiser,  and you will burn up your rear coaster brake if that's all you're using.

 GO FASTER!   race parts & service
At Jake's Speed Shop we can take it a step further. Or three!
Whether its faster track times, climbing hills, or getting to the store before it closes, we will get those tires burnin' rubber with our performance modified engine components for your bicycle engine kit! Now offering "Hi-flow" ported cylinders, Hi compression Heads, RPM Boosting expansion chamber exhaust pipes, High Flow intake manifolds, and racing carburetors. More products and mods coming every month!
In Downtown Santa Monica, we build the best bikes around (according to Jason); as well as add Performance modifications, Ported cylinders, aluminum high compression heads, Monark II Springer forks, Pipes, Bars, wheels, tires,  layback seatposts, disc brake conversions.  You name it! We will build you a custom motorized bicycle. Or Bring your old bike in and we will get it rolling with the ultimate in fuel economy!
(Once marketed by the Chinese as an 80cc engine, great confusion has arisen. the 66cc IS  an 80cc engine, hence the distinction 66/80cc. ) Anyhow,

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